Individual Development

One on One Work

Each of us have our own strengths and each of us only tap into a small part of our own potential.  When we are working in an environment of support and common goals we excel!  

Let Homestead Habits help you tap into that untapped potential.  With our core assessment and one to one coaching Angela can aid in refining and encouraging individual growth and contribution.  

We look at the team and the person and work to grow each contributor individually first, but always with a cooperative team focus.   


Team Development

Team Work

When leaders grow together companies gain strength and mobility in a competitive world.  A team that works well together is worth more than gold.  

Homestead Habits Leadership development is a roots up development system.  We start with core assessments and then work to see the whole picture of the team and from there assess how each member contributes and adds to the benefit of the whole team and overall goal of the company.  Each player has a vital purpose, our goal in team development is to see the purpose of the whole and the individual and combine them to create a powerfully engaged and productive team.  

The right people in the right places working cooperatively makes all the difference for a successful company or a flailing company.  Let us help your team thrive!  


Break It Down

Executive Action

We start with an Executive Assessment.  Your goals help us set your team needs.  We will sit down with the executive team and help set company goals so that the management team and each individual is set for success.

  • Setting Goals
  • Vision Setting
  •  Leading the Charge and the Change

These sessions are focused on the executive team assessment and can be as short as 1 hour to several hours of collaborative goal setting sessions. 

Individual Leadership Development

Core assessment is our initial step and then individualized training that can include:

  • Conflict: Understanding & Resolving
  • Individuals and the Team
  • Customer Service
  • Vision Conceptualizing
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Team Communication

Sessions can be focused to address one key area of development or set to address multiple areas over several sessions based on the client's desires and team needs.

Team Development

The team is the final component.  A team is able to work collaboratively once the executives have laid out their goals for the company and the individuals are able to see the vision and understand the concept of how to get there.  Team Training can include:

  • Team Communication
  • Goal Setting and Application
  • Conflict in a Team
  • Change and the Team
  • Tangible Success Together 

 This training can be as intensive as your desire.  From short 1 hour sessions to an entire 6 month focused, outcome based, team training course. 

 Angela is a Licensed Measurable Management Consultant.  She  employees management training that enables the entire team to see and obtain measurable outcomes.  

She has experience working with Non-profits, For-profits, governmental agencies and more. 

Outcomes you can see, for prices your company can afford.  

"Investing in your team takes time and money, but it doesn't have to be exhaustive.  Let's work together to get the most potential out of your team for the goals of your organization at a price that won't break the bank."  ~Dr. Angela Raber

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